Innovative Glass of America

Innovative Glass of America

Fast, courteous service and quality products at a competitive price


IGA is a Guardian Select Fabricator. We offer a host of equipment to meet your fabricating needs.  We specialize in framed and frameless shower door applications, and stock a wide variety of hardware to suit any project.  IGA also stocks Kawneer Architectural Metal products.  Our goal is to offer fast, friendly service at a competitive  price.

IGA can fabricate Monolithic, Tempered, Heat-Strengthened, Fire-Rated, Resin Laminated, Insulated and Spandrel glass products.  We can also cut PVB film laminated to size.

We offer flat polish, pencil polish, ground edge, seam, ogee on heavy glass, and straight line bevels from 1/2″ to 2″ wide.  IGA can produce holes, countersunk holes, notches and internal cutouts.

Shapes can be flat polished depending on pattern contours.  We prefer Autocad .dxf files for shapes, but rolled paper patterns are also acceptable.  Our toll free fax number is 866-890-4615 to request a shape quotation.

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