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Keralite Select

Keralite Select combines patent-pending surface polishing technology with advanced composition to create the sharpest, most accurate color-viewing glass ceramic in its class.  Comparable to float glass in quality and clarity, the surface doesn’t have the “orange peel effect” common to other fire-rated glass ceramics. IGA stocks both 3/16″ (Keralite Select F), and 5/16″ (Keralite Select L) thicknesses.  The Keralite Select products will replace Keralite FR-F and Keralite FR-L as IGA stock items.

Both types of Keralite Select install into standard fire-rated doors and frames.  Both pass Hose Stream and Impact Safety North American Test Standards, that are rated Fire Protection Level.  Both contain smoke and flames.  The glazing remains transparent in case of fire.  Other types of Fire-rated Glass are also available.  Please contact Customer Service for more details or refer to Vetrotech Saint-Gobain for complete fire-rated glazing products overview.

IGA also offers Traditional Diamond Wire Glass.  Please check with your Sales Representative or call Customer Service for availability.  This glass can only be used in certain situations and has size limitations if it is going to be used as a fire-rated glass.  Contact your Customer Service Representative for more details.

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