Innovative Glass of America

Innovative Glass of America

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Kawneer Product Catalog

General Information – Finishes and glass size calculators, pages 17-22

Standard Doors and Frames – Offset pivot doors and frames stock, pages A1/4-A1/5; Special order, pages A1/6-A1/32

Door Closers – Surface and concealed special order, pages A3/1-A3/8; Stock, page A3/9

Service Parts – Stock and special order, pages A18/1-A18/54; Price sheets for service parts, pages 1-6

Stock Lengths – Center glazed systems, pages C1a/1C2T/19; (other systems are special order)

Miscellaneous Stock Lengths – Stock and special order, pages C20/1-C20/20

Panels – Break aluminum sheet, insulated panels, page 1